One in Three
Real Hope for Cancer

Need Help to Improve Cancer Odds?

Like me, you probably either have cancer yourself, or have a loved one with cancer. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Why is there so much cancer? Why will one in three get it? And why are so many people still dying from cancer? Not just dying, but often dying a long, painful death.

After losing a dear friend, I was fired up to find some answers. With a degree in pure mathematics, hence a certain type of logical brain, and my constant desire for thoughtful answers, I took on this project.

As things became clear, I decided I could not keep this information to myself; and so it became a book.

  • A book that asks those questions that are not generally answered
  • A book that hunts out the answers that are hidden away in government records and medical journals
  • A book that dares to question our “brightest minds”, whose training is too narrow, and who are regulated out of using other methods 
  • A book that offers a totally different direction in cancer research and treatment
  • A book that fiercely puts the needs of cancer patients before the desires of the cancer industry

I am confident that:
1. Most people do not need to die from cancer   
2. Most people can avoid getting cancer in the first place

I invite you to join the growing crowd of people who are learning that there are other options, and that they can significantly affect the future of their own health, even cancer.

        Please join us here, and begin a new way of thinking for you
                                   and your loved ones.


*  Personal coaching is available face to face (in Melbourne Australia) or online via Skype for other areas. Please use the contact link for enquiries.  

*   To begin you thinking journey, purchase the book for only $29.95 plus post, using credit card or Paypal.

*   eBook also available.

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                        One in Three, Real Hope for Cancer


                                        Kathleen Austin

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